Serving Public School Facility Administrators
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What’s In A Name?

BAISCA specializes in the collection of data and the development of reports related to facility issues in school districts.

The name “BAISCA” is actually a two-part acronym for “Building Asset Inventory” and “Single Component Assessment”.  We respond to a school district’s need for detailed information concerning a specific building system at multiple sites such as parking lots, classroom technology, or lockers.  We then develop survey instruments, dispatch field technicians to collect data, and deliver executive level reports for decision making.

We specialize in conducting “Building Asset Inventories” and “Single Component Assessments”.

  • A Building Asset is any one of the many individual items that are a physical part of a building or the site such as water fountains, flag poles, parking lots, etc.
  • A Building Asset Inventory is a list of particular items associated with a building or group of buildings.
  • A Single Component Assessment is an analysis of one or more values associated with a building asset such as condition, life-cycle, replacement cost, etc.

BAISCA is Set Up to Provide Services for Public School Districts Nationwide

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