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N.C. Facilities Needs Survey

The North Carolina G.S. 115C-521(a) requires that “Local boards of education shall submit their long-range plans for meeting school facility needs to the State Board of Education by january 1, 1988, and every five years thereafter.”

BAISA has confirmed with DPI’s Division of School Planning that district superintendents will receive a letter notifying them of the requirement in August or September of this year, followed with the survey CD to be completed and returned n o later than January 2016.

How Can BAISCA Help?

The BAISCA process is designed to be straightforward, expedient, and extremely client focused. These core values are reflected in every aspect of our business. We continuously explore ways to simplify and streamline our work process by avoiding unnecessary steps or delivering reams of incomprehensible data. Our team members conduct themselves with professionalism and integrity and respect the sensitive nature of the school environment.

And…with a January 2016 deadline approaching,
“Time is of the Essence.”

clock_watch The clock symbols used below mark time-frame commitments that we will make every possible effort to uphold.  We believe that being responsive to our client, working efficiently, and maintaining a sense of urgency are critical to our mutual success.

Initial Contact

When BAISCA is contacted, we immediately begin the process of assisting you with your survey. Most of the information needed to develop a proposal can be exchanged by scheduling a short phone call with you.  We like to keep things simple and believe it starts with our first contact.

 clock_watch BAISCA will respond to client requests on the day received if possible and guaranteed within 24 hours.

Our Proposal

We will prepare a concise document outlining:

  • Scope of work
  • Deliverables
  • Timeframes
  • Owner Requirements
  • Terms and Conditions

  clock_watchBAISCA will endeavor to  complete a proposal within three days of our initial phone call.

Notice to Proceed

Once we have agreed to go forward, BAISCA will assign a Project Manager to your project.  We will confirm a start date with you and develop a communications plan, including contact information for staff members to be interviewed.  Notices will be sent by BAISCA (or owner if preferred) to staff members indicating the name of the BAISCA Project manager, the purpose of the interview, and a proposed day and time of the interview.

  clock_watchBAISCA will work with client to schedule work to begin on site within thirty days of the Notice to Proceed.

On-Site Data Collection

Our Project Manager will begin on-site work by obtaining copies from your facilities department of prior State Facilities Needs Surveys, existing facilities planning documents, capacity information for each school, and other facilities related documents.

clock_watch BAISCA can provide sufficient staffing to complete on-site data collection within a two week timeframe on most projects.


In addition to entering data onto the CD supplied by DPI, all collected data will be organized in spreadsheet format providing greater detail on a school-by-school basis. Printouts of our spreadsheet, the DPI forms, and an executive summary will be prepared and sent to you electronically, as well as in hard copy. The summary is prepared in a style and format that can easily be forwarded to the Superintendent or the Board of Education.

clock_watchBAISCA will provide all reports directly to you within five business days of concluding the site visits.