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Cabarrus County—Lighting Inventory Project

August 30, 2013

BAISCA is partnering with SchoolDude on a project for Cabarrus County schools in North Carolina. Cabarrrus County requested and received capital funds in the 2013-14 budget to complete lighting retrofits where necessary among their 39 schools. 

Like many districts, they have schools still equipped with the older T12 style florescent fixtures, which are not energy efficient and are being phased out as mandated by the 2009 Department of Energy legislation. Most school buildings have more than 1,000 light fixtures.  Recently constructed schools are equipped with the newer T8 or T5 fixtures and many of the older schools have been retrofitted a classroom at a time leaving the district with the difficult task of determining exactly where to direct the lighting design team.

BAISCA, in alliance partnership with SchoolDude has been called in to perform an inventory of all ceiling mounted light fixtures throughout the district.  BAISCA will also team with Green Capital Planning to complete the entire study in less than two weeks.  Cabarrus County facilities staff will receive field verified reports documenting the location and type of every light fixture in the district.  Additional collected data will include the size of each fixture, wattage and number of bulbs per fixture, and lens type.  Information can easily be uploaded into SchoolDude’s PlanningDirect to apply replacement costs, prioritized schedules, and track project completion.

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